Enlighten Power Escrime Equipment---Epee co. ltd, Fencing, Enlighten Power Escrime Equipment, equipment, Escrime, esgrima, Scherma, foil, Epee, Sabre, Mask, Uniform, weapons, metal vest, fencing shoes, fencing bag, Roll bags, coaching leather vest The durable and economy fencing equipment to be provide from EPEE Co. Ltd. -Enlighten. EPEE was found in Hong Kong since 1999, which is a short form of fencing equipment's brand name; the full name is Enlighten Power Escrime Equipment. It's mean we can powered you to enlighten your technique, your mind, your feeling, !Ketc. We believed fencing is not only a sport, which also is culture, logic, science; even someone said, "Fencing is a doctrine". Our products are designed for enlighten the potential power of beginners. You will feel our design idea, our heart, our in fencing. Our directors and technicians are the fencer before, they all know fencing. We are not only making the equipment according to the rules book, we also design it in the practical point of view. The balance, stress, elasticity of weapons, and the protection resistant, human sensation, weight of the clothing are also deeply concern. Services and Improvement are also our aim of business. You will feel our best and sincerely VIP services during your purchase our product. The Credit Card payment and express services have been provided for the part of our products. The return policy is also reinforced (for details please refer to our "Terms"). We would like to hear any comments from you, although we may not fulfill the entire request and the common from you. We will do all the best to satisfy most of them. Your comments are power for our development.